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At, our focus is "get it drilled!" We actively seek oil and gas leases in oil and gas producing areas of the United States to work aggressively with other exploration companies in the area to get wells drilled, which benefits all parties. With decades of experience, our focus is exploration. If you own property rights and are interested in signing an oil and gas lease to get a well drilled, contact our land department with details and property location.

We are always interested in lands anywhere in the USA but currently, we are very active in buying mineral/royalty rights and obtaining oil and gas leases in north / northwest Louisiana and East Texas. In Louisiana, especially the following parishes:

In east Texas, especially the following counties.

We also are working in the Eagle Ford shale. If you are one who would rather deal with a company that actively explores, drilling wells and finding production with the drillbit, not a sharp pencil, we need to talk! One more time... exploration is what we enjoy. It's also what can benefit you the most. Many mineral rights owners in the Haynesville shale area or Eagle Ford shale realize that a well may not even be drilled in their lifetime. Give us a call!

For those who are interested in a guaranteed payday, we are also actively buying mineral/royalty rights, so if you are interested in selling mineral rights / producing oil or gas royalties, see one of these sites:

Sell mineral rights for a Haynesville shale payday

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How to sell minerals

Land Dept. Ph 318-426-0909 or 800-664-7650 (ask for Bill)
Email to:

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